Trinity College London Piano Exam Pieces & Exercises 2021-2023 Grade 3 (extended edition)

Trinity College London Piano Exam Pieces & Exercises 2021-2023 Grade 3 (extended edition)


Trinity College Piano 2021-23 Grade 3 - extended edition including audio and ebook access

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This book provides access to 21 pieces for the Trinity Piano Grade 3 exam: 12 are printed in this book and nine more are available in the included ebook (2018-2020 repertoire), with audio recordings of all 21 pieces available to download. They have been carefully chosen, graded and edited by a panel of experts, and every piece is accompanied by informative performance notes to help students and teachers get the most out of the repertoire.

The book also contains the exercises required for the exam, which have been newly composed for the 2021–2023 syllabus, and the scales and arpeggios for the grade.

Encompassing a wide range of styles and genres at every grade and with more pieces in each book than ever before, this progressive series provides a wealth of engaging repertoire for any pianist

  1. Les coucous bénévoles (The Benevolent Cuckoos) (Couperin)
  2. Andante (3rd movt from Sonata in G major, Hob XVI:8) (Haydn )
  3. Rondino (no. 17 from Melodious Exercises, op. 149) (Diabelli)
  4. Study in D minor, op. 65 no. 40 (Loeschhorn)
  5. Sonatina (Gedike)
  6. The Highway Robber (from For Children, Sz. 42) (Bartók)
  7. Hound Dog (Leiber & Stoller, arr. P & S Wedgwood)
  8. I'm Late! (Iles)
  9. An Autumn Leaf (Donkin)
  10. nDcvr Agnt (Lynch)
  11. The Night of the Sleepy Panda (Tan)
  12. Ballad (Tadman-Robins)
  13. Ebook: Tango-Prelude II (Schmitz)
  14. Ebook: Le petit rien (Couperin, arr. Snell)
  15. Ebook: Sonata in G major (D Scarlatti)
  16. Ebook: Between the Fingers (Graham)
  17. Ebook: Rain (Schönmehl)
  18. Ebook: Model T (J & A Bullard)
  19. Ebook: Badlands (Donkin)
  20. Ebook: The Clown and the Ballerina (Crosland)
  21. Ebook: Sunrise on the Matterhorn (Rollin)