Aulos 209B Robin Treble Recorder

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  • Warm tone
  • Icludes thumb rest, fingering chart, carry case and cleaning rod
  • Comfortable to hold

The 209B Robin treble recorder is the cheapest of the Aulos alto range, but with such superb intonation and sound quality you would hardly know it. This recorder is ideal for schools on a tight budget that are in need of an alto instrument for their ensemble.

Like most modern recorders it features a arched wind way; this not only provides resistance to the air flow which in turn allows for increased breath control, it also enables any condensation to drain more easily so as not to interfere with the sound.

As a result the instrument can produce a clear, consistent tone throughout the register (F above middle C to G two octaves higher).

The 209B is supplied in a smart, leatherette zip-up bag and comes equipped with a useful fingering chart, a thumb rest, a small pot of joint grease and a cleaning rod.


More Information
Product Code1739Y
Recorder TypeTreble/Alto

  • Clear and even tone
  • 3 piece instrument
  • Made from ABS plastic

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