Miyazawa MJ101SE Flute with silver head joint

Miyazawa MJ101SE Flute with silver head joint

  • French-style pointed tonearms: Allow toneholes to close evenly and fully.
  • Drawn toneholes: shaped from the flute's body, drawn toneholes provide an improved flexibility and give a richer, warmer sound.
  • Silver-plated nickel headjoint, body and keywork 925
  • Solid Silver Head: This silver head helps the flute provide a darker, more resonant sound.
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Brand Miyazawa

This Miyazawa flute is ideal for any upgrading flautist wanting a serious instrument to take them through the grades or perform to a high standard.

This new MJ model brings the feel and tone of a Miyazawa to a new more affordable market position and makes it approachable for upgraders.

  • .925 solid Headjoint
  • Silver-plated body and mechanism
  • Available with closed or open holes at the same price
  • Offset G key Split E mechanism
  • French style Pointed key-arms
  • Modern accurate scale
  • Includes case, cleaning accessories and plush-lined case cover