Earth - Earth 2 - Indie Exclusive Loser Edition Blue Curacao 2LP Vinyl

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Did you notice that there are horses on the cover of Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version? As wide and expansive as the cover may seem, these little details give it depth and wonder. Earth 2, repressed for its 30th anniversary, with its original cover and accompanied by fascinating remixes that demonstrate the scope of what Dylan Carlson called “ambient metal”, works in much the same way. The surface is massive and obvious, the riffs of Carlson and bassist Dave Harwell hammer the speakers, a real baton of three-dimensional sound. But listen to the details in the corners, the finesse beneath the force, and Earth 2 reveals new levels of depth and wonder. An unprecedented masterpiece in the genre, Earth 2 certainly helped send doom metal down the more modern paths of drone, ambient and avant-garde. Perhaps more surprising and rewarding is how it has influenced electronic music, modern composition, and even hip-hop by realigning our senses of tempo, time, and texture. Earth 2 has spawned a rearrangement of expectations, regardless of preferred form.


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Product CodeSP185X
Format12" Vinyl

Seven Angels
Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine
Like Gold And Faceted

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