Buying an Acoustic Piano

Help at every step

Choosing a piano can be a daunting prospect! It is undoubtedly a considerable investment, however a piano will sit at the heart of the home and provide enjoyment for years and even generations to come. That is why at Windows Music, we work hard to help make the journey as straight-forward as possible at every step of the way.

Doing the research

Whether you’re an experienced player looking to upgrade, or a beginner looking for the right instrument to start on, the first step is to take a good look around and see what your options are.
With the largest selection of pianos in the North East, supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers, Windows Music is the best place to start your research. Why not take a look now?

There is plenty to see and a lot to consider! Many of our customers find reading our Acoustic Piano Buyers Guide gives them all the basic information they need to start working through the options and comparing different models, but don't forget, you can always contact us to get advice from our experts.


Here to answer your questions

Having narrowed down the options, now is a great time to talk to an expert. Looking at lists of specifications and features can sometimes be confusing and will certainly raise a few questions that need answering. With decades of combined music industry experience, backed by extensive supplier training (and a lot of piano playing) our team of specialists are on hand to help answer your questions and guide you towards the best pianos to choose from.
You can email us, talk to us on the phone, book a video consultation or arrange an instore appointment.
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Every piano is unique and the touch, tone and feel of different models does change considerably. What suits one player will not always be right for the next. The best way to choose is always to sit down and play a range of instruments, however that isn’t always possible so why not let us offer our advice and assistance and even play them for you, so you can choose from the comfort of your home!

Making your purchase

When you decide on the right piano for you, we will offer support to make the purchase as easy as possible. Whether that is by spreading the cost to enable you to get exactly the right model, offering a trade in against an instrument you already own or even arranging the removal of an old piano that has reached the end of its playing days, we can explore all the options to ensure the package is right for you.

You're in safe hands

For many years Windows Music has worked alongside the UK’s premier piano removals company, G and R Removals, in order to ensure that each piano we deliver has the gold standard delivery that our clients expect. You can rest assured, your piano will arrive safe and sound.

Our help does not end with the delivery of your piano. We will arrange your first tuning and be there to help with any technical support required. Pianos are complicated and surprisingly delicate instruments. Our technicians are here to overcome any small issues you might have while the piano settles into your home.

We hope you will be part of the Windows Music family for a long time to come, so we will stay in touch to make sure everything is going well and that you have all you need to continue your musical journey.

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