Blue Moon F Hole Mandolin

Blue Moon F Hole Mandolin

  • Excellent quality starter mandolin.
  • Sunburst finish with white binding and blackwood fingerboard. 
  • Reliable and easy to play.
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Brand Blue Moon

The Blue Moon A Style mandolin makes an ideal starter instrument for anyone taking up the mandolin as a new instrument. The body is the classic teardrop shape and features an arch top and back to give more projection to the tone. The F shaped soundholes echo those found on violins and are typical of all bluegrass style mandolins. It features and adjustable floating bridge that allows you to change the height of the strings to suit your playing style and the blackwood fingerboard is comfortable and easy to get around. 

Finished in a classic sunburst design with black scratchplate and white binding this mandolin looks the part as well as delivering on playability and tone. 


Model No: BM-07
Fingerboard is Blackwood exported from New Zealand. Radiata Pine (Pinus adiata D.Don)
Weight: 2 kg (approx)
Made in: China
Model Number: BM-07