Firefly Ukulele Banjo, Tenor, Maple

Firefly Ukulele Banjo, Tenor, Maple

  • 8" Remo Banjo Head
  • Steel Tone Ring
  • Maple Neck & Fingerboard
  • Lamintated Maple Pot
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The Firefly Ukelele Banjo is a design twist on a traditional tenor ukelele. Having a unique internally tunable design, using an 8" Remo banjo head and steel tone ring.

Made in the USA the Firefly is like no other ukulele banjo we've tried.  It is super lightweight and fits snuggly to the body on acount of it's narrow maple frame.  The tone, whilst still distinctly a uke banjo, is smoother and less brash than you'd expect from this sort of instrument but still has all the volume and projection of it's rivals.

  • Neck Scale Length: 398mm
  • Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Maple
  • Inlays: White Dot
  • Nut Material: Bone
  • Nut Width: 36mm  
  • Bridge: Maple With Rosewood Tip
  • saddle: Bone Hardware
  • Machine Heads: Grover Friction Tuners Banjo
  • banjo Head: Remo Coated
  • Rim Depth: 65mm
  • Rim Width: 210mm
  • Factory Fitted Strings: Aquila