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The Complete Pianist: from healthy technique to natural artistry offers a new and unique approach to piano playing, in which Penelope Roskell shares a lifetime’s experience of teaching, performing and ground-breaking research into healthy piano playing. Containing more than 500 pages of text, 300 videos and 200 exercises newly devised by the author, this is the most comprehensive book ever written on piano playing. The book has something new to offer to all pianists and keyboard players student and teacher, professional and amateur. Penelope guides pianists through the early stages of learning a piece, through all the technical challenges and interpretative choices, towardsinspired performance. Each new aspect of playing is addressed through a series of practical exercises which proceed, step-by-step, from the basics towards more advanced applications. Penelope demonstrates all the musical and technical points herself in videos accessible by smartphone, tablet or computer.
The Complete Pianist comprises 22 sections, including: • A whole-body approach • Finger touch and tone production • Playing at speed • Fundamentals of chord playing • Advanced chords • Rotation • Lateral movements • Tone and texture • Pedalling • Learning, memorizing and sight-reading


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Product CodeEP73024
ComposerPenelope Roskell
PublisherEdition Peters

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