Easy Graded Organ Music Book 1

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The two collections include the best of C. H. Trevor's series 'Organ Books 1-6', and are ideal for teaching or for service use. The pieces have been specifically selected with the beginner's needs in mind: a variety of easy and attractive items with simple pedal parts. Each book is arranged in order of difficulty, book one covering grades 2-4, book two grades 5-6.


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  • Prelude, Albrechtsberger
  • Motet, 'Dulcis Amica Dei, Anon.
  • Basso Ostinato, Boëllmann
  • Cort,ege Solennel, Boëllmann
  • Entrée Solennelle, Boëllmann
  • Fantasia on the hymn tune, 'Adoro te devote', Boëly
  • Fabordon, 'Dic Nobis, Maria', Cabezon
  • Agnus Dei, Couperin
  • Noël en musette, Charpentier
  • Musette, Corrette
  • Tambourin sur un noël provencal
  • Versetto, Fasolo
  • Prelude, Fischer
  • Communion, Franck
  • Interlude
  • Preludium, van den Gheyn
  • Prelude, Gigault
  • Prelude du sixieme ton, Jullien
  • Prelude, Merkel
  • Preludio, Milleville
  • Prelude, Muffat
  • Prelude du Troisieme Ton, Nivers
  • from Chaconne in F minor, Pachelbel
  • Chorale prelude, 'Nun lob', mein' Seel', den Herren'
  • Chorale Prelude, 'Treuer Gott, ich muss dir Klagen'
  • Fantasia
  • Toccata in G minor
  • Hymnus, 'Eterne Rex Altissime', Redford
  • Chorale prelude, 'Christus, der ist mein Leben', Reger
  • Trio, Rheinberger
  • Divertimento; Magister Jörg, Rhinck
  • Preambalon manualiter in Fa, Schapf
  • Versus (Magnificat Secundi Toni), Speth
  • Trio on the chorale 'Herr Jesu Christ ich weiss gar wohl', Töpfer
  • Interlude, Volckmar
  • Chorale prelude, 'Gottes Sohn is Kommen', Walther
  • Chorale prelude, 'In dulci jubilo', Zachau

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