Roland HP704 Premium Concert Class Piano, Dark Rosewood

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  • SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling Technology delivers authentic tonality
  • Ultra-expressive PHA-50 keyboard captures every nuance
  • Four-speaker system delivers rich and full-bodied sound
  • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for use with music apps

Our piano department says:

"The HP704 uses Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modelling technology to give a dynamic and authentic playing experience by recreating not just the sound, but also the complex interactions between notes, the cabinet and pedals of a grand piano.  This is a step up from the Roland HP702 in that the piano keys have wooden sides, a 4 speaker system gives a very rich tone and there are useful music clips to hold books open.  Alternatively, have a look at the next model up, the Roland LX705". 

The Roland HP704 is a combination of clean design and the same meticulous sound and playability you would expect of a digital piano in a higher price range. Specially developed by Roland, the piano sounds are generated by the SuperNATURAL modulator and controlled by the PHA-50 keyboard and three pedals to produce all of the expression, dynamics and speed of an acoustic upright piano. When compared to its smaller sibling, the HP702, the Roland HP704 comes with a refined keyboard and broader sound system. This model sports the Charcoal Black finish.

Roland HP704: Powerful Speaker System

The sound of the HP704 is delivered by four speakers divided into two pairs and that use Roland's very own Acoustic Projection. This reproduces the lower and higher registers with the same tonality and character as that of an acoustic piano. The headphone output operates with the same system so that, whether silently rehearsing with headphones or performing using the speaker system, you get the same faithful level of acoustic emulation.

Bluetooth Pairing and Other Connections

You can play along with music by simply pairing a Bluetooth device with the HP704 or connecting via the aux-input and playing back using the built-in speakers. The Bluetooth connection is also useful when following online tutorials, but also when using the various apps available directly from Roland, including Piano Every Day. If you want a little more volume than the on board speakers will allow, a line output is fitted for direct connection to a mixer or amplifier. To make recordings or playback MIDI and audio files, just slot your USB stick into the USB Memory port or connect directly to your computer and use the HP704 as a MIDI controller for virtual instruments.

For the Parents

In designing the HP704, Roland have spared a lot of thought for the parents whose children will be moulding their craft on this instrument. As such, the volume of both the headphone output and speakers on this digital piano can be set at a specific limit while the opening and closing of the piano lid has been cleverly connected to the on/off switch. Also, the TwinPiano function splits the keyboard into two sounds to make practising exercises a little more fun while specially developed Roland apps enable study, not just by teaching demo songs, but also by explaining sheet music as the songs are played.

More Information
Product CodeHP704-DR
Digital Piano TypeCabinet Piano

  • Roland HP704 Digital Piano
  • total number of sounds: 324
  • piano sound engine: SuperNATURAL (physical modelling)
  • sound generation other: samples
  • polyphony: unlimited (piano), 384 (other)
  • keyboard: PHA-50, 88 keys, a combination of wood and plastic, with escapement and ebony and ivory feel
  • OLED display: 128 x 32 pixels
  • pedals:
    • sustain (progressive damper action)
    • soft pedal (and other adjustable functions)
    • sostenuto (and other adjustable functions)
  • speakers:
    • Acoustic Projection
    • speakers: 2x 12+2.5 cm and 2x 5cm
    • power: 2x25 W + 2x5W
  • 3D effect for headphones
  • adjustable velocity-sensitivity
  • adjustable hammer response
  • master tuning: 415.3 - 466.2 Hz, in 0.1 Hz increments
  • temperament: 10 types
  • effects: ambience, brilliance
  • SuperNATURAL Piano Designer
    • lid
    • key off noise, hammer noise, damper noise
    • duplex scale
    • adjustable resonance: full scale string, damper, key off, cabinet
    • soundboard type
    • single note tuning, single note volume, single note character
  • built-in demo songs: 382
  • playback formats:
    • standard MIDI files (formats 0 and 1)
    • WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit), via USB stick (not included)
  • recording formats (recorder):
    • standard MIDI files (formats 0 and 1), three tracks, approx. 70.000 notes
    • .WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit), USB stick required
  • Bluetooth
    • Audio: Bluetooth Ver 3.0
    • MIDI: Bluetooth Ver 4.0
  • extra functions: metronome, registration, Dual, Split, TwinPiano, transpose, adjustable volume with specifiable limit, panel lock, auto-off
  • connectors:
    • adapter
    • mini jack input
    • jack output
    • USB B (computer)
    • USB A (stick)
    • headphone, mini-jack and standard jack
  • included:
    • user manual
    • Roland Classical Piano Masterpieces
    • power adapter
    • headphone hook
  • dimensions: 1377 x 468 x 1113 mm (including music sheet holder)
  • weight: 59.5 kg
  • colour: Dark Rosewood

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