P Mauriat 67R Alto Saxophone - Dark Vintage

P Mauriat 67R Alto Saxophone - Dark Vintage

  • P Mauriat 67R Style Alto Saxophone
  • Dark Vintage Finish
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Brand P Mauriat

There are many excellent horns available on the market today but P. Mauriat's 67R alto with genuine rolled tone hole saxophones are still regarded as unique instruments by many horn enthusiasts 10 years after their first release.

The special feature of these horns are their structurally integrated, unitary rolled tone hole - which means they are not created by soft soldering a separate metal ring onto the body. 


• Super VI neck

• Large bore & bell

• Hand-engraved bell & bow

• Key touches: Genuine abalone

• P. Mauriat Pro-contoured hard case

• Range: Low Bb to high F#