Here is a Quote from the Michael Kelly website about their instruments:

“The focus has always been to start with sound and top it off with a bold, boutique-inspired appearance. When Michael Kelly launched, we, in fact, only offered mandolins and acoustic basses. These two markets had been under served and consumers could not buy a great sounding instrument without breaking the bank. The Michael Kelly Dragonfly collection of both acoustic basses and mandolins quickly became popular and hard to get. Musicians were drawn to their decidedly custom appearance and then fell in love with their sound and performance.”

You have to try one!

Michael Kelly guitars look great, play great and sound great! Guitarists are always looking for new gear and the finish on these will certainly turn your head. You aren’t always going to prefer the most expensive guitar or the one with the most renown. We think these guitars are excellent value for money and we would definitely at least consider one against some more well known brands.