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This programme portrays the ‘birth’ of the flute in France in the late 17th century and the following 40 years of its life as a new and fashionable instrument. A famous patron of the arts, King Louis XIV gathered elite composers and musicians to create the refinement, elegance and good taste that was demanded at his Paris Court. From the early petites pièces to more virtuoso suites and sonatas with their ornamented lyricism and grand dance rhythms, the mellow, robust and almost husky sounds of flutes from this period blend and weave around each other like the voices of two singers.

Track List
  1. Barre, Michel de la - Pieces for transverse flute and continuo, Book 2 - Suite no.9 in G major 'Sonate L'Inconnue'
  2. Clerambault, Louis-Nicolas - Sonata VIIa in E minor 'Le Magnifique'
  3. Couperin, Francois - Les Gouts Reunis or Nouveaux Concerts - no.13 in G major (version for 2 flutes in D major) Recueil d'airs serieux et a boire - Vous qui craignez que l'Amour
  4. Dornel, Louis-Antoine - Flute Suite in B minor, op.2 no.2 - III Sarabande 'La Descosteaux'
  5. Hotteterre, Jacques - Recueil d'airs serieux et a boire - J'ecoutois autrefois - Double. Je n'entens qu'a regret Trio Sonatas Book 1 (6), op.3 - no.2 in D major
  6. Lambert, Michel - Airs a 1-4 parties
  7. Lully, Jean-Baptiste - Le triomphe de l'amour - Ritournelle pour Diane
  8. Marais, Marin - Pieces en trio - Suite in G minor (excerpts)
  9. Rebille, Philbert - Suite de danses - no.99 Menuet
  10. Visee, Robert de - Pieces de Theorbe et de Luth - Suite no.9 in E minor: IV Sarabande