Kawai K300 ATX4 Anytime Piano, Polished Ebony

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  • Highly popular K300 model, ideal for advancing pianists who want a full tone and responsive action.
  • ATX4 technology allows silent practice via headphones.
  • Access all the features of a digital piano through a traditional acoustic model, the best of both worlds.
  • 10 year warranty free of charge.

The K300 is a Quality Acoustic Upright Piano

The Kawai K300 upright piano stands at 122cm and is a popular choice for domestic environments. The K300 instrument features the exclusive Kawai Millennium III Upright piano Action, made with ABS-Carbon Composites. ABS-Carbon is a very lightweight, but rigid material. This results in a very strong and fast action to give the player more control, power, and better stability than conventional wood actions. Kawai upright pianos are renowned for having a more slightly mellower tone than other Japanese piano maker’s instruments and are popular with European musicians. Kawai celebrated their 90th anniversary in 2017 and are known as one of the largest piano builders in the World.

Kawai ATX4 Anytime Silent System

The ATX4 silent system is one of the most advanced piano silencer systems on the market today. With its discreet control panel and minimalist user interface, at first glance, it is hard to distinguish the K300 ATX4 Anytime model from the standard K300 acoustic piano. 

The physical components of the ATX4 silent piano system are fitted in Kawai's factory as part of the piano manufacturing process. This is far superior to retro-fitted silencer systems because the cable management, keyboard sensors, hammer stop rail, and electronics are integrated into the design of the instrument and therefore offers the most reliable and accurate method of combining electronic & acoustic piano technologies without compromising the performance of the original instrument. 

To switch into 'Anytime' silent mode, simply push the power button, lock the centre pedal into the 'practice' position, put on some headphones, and play! You'll hear the sound of the legendary Shigeru Kawai SK concert grand piano in your ears, but those around you won't hear anything! 

The control panel located under the left-hand side of the instrument is equipped with dual headphone jacks so that two people can enjoy the ATX4 piano in 'silent' mode at the same time. There is also an Audio AUX-IN so you can connect an external audio device to the instrument, as well as a LINE OUT jack that allows you to connect the 'digital' sound of the piano to external amplification or other devices. MIDI IN & OUT terminals give the option to expand the sound and functions further by connection to other MIDI-equipped instruments, and there is also a USB connector for connection to computers or smart devices.


Bluetooth + Apps

The Kawai K300 ATX4 piano offers full Bluetooth MIDI + Audio capability with aptX support, for streaming high-quality audio from your smart device to the piano (this will be heard through the headphones). 

There are two apps specifically recommended by Kawai that will help you get the most from your ATX4 piano - PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer.

If you want to explore the other voices (there's a total of 90 tones) or record your performance, load up the Kawai PianoRemote App for iOS or Android devices and you'll open up the true power of the ATX4 system. It's like having a top-of-the-range digital piano hidden inside your acoustic piano. PianoRemote gives you full control over all features of the ATX4 Anytime piano. 

The ATX4 Anytime silent system allows you to play & hear the sound of many World-class pianos through the headphones (Kawai SH9 included) including concert grands, upright pianos, studio grands and even a honky-tonk piano. In addition to stunning acoustic piano voices, the ATX4 system features classic electric pianos, organs, harpsichords, strings, choirs, percussion instruments and even some synth pad voices. It's possible to layer any two of these voices together to create classic layered combinations such as piano+strings or organ+choir, or you could split the keyboard in two so that you have a different voice on the left register, to that on the right - for example, acoustic bass in the left hand and piano in the right, to create a jazzy feel. 

Record your performance as either MIDI or AUDIO data using the app's recording feature, and share your performance with family and friends, or use it to listen back to your progress when learning difficult musical passages. 

The PiabookPlayer App allows you to visually see and listen to the 377 pre-recorded pieces of music which are supplied with the ATX4 series pianos. 


More Information
Product CodeK300ATX4EP
Piano TypeUpright

Number Of Keys:
3 - Damper / Soft / Practice Muffler
Other Features:
Action: Millenium III
Hammers: All Underfelted
Key: White: acrylic, Black: phenol
Tone spreader: No
Soundboard: Spruce, tapered
Back post: 5
Sound rib: 11
Agraffe: No
Duplex scale: No
Caster type: Double
Fallboard: Soft Close System
Lock: No

Delivering your new piano

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Local piano deliveries are usually completed within 7 – 10 days and piano deliveries elsewhere in the UK usually within 2 – 3 weeks. 

Delivery charges
Delivery and ground floor installation to UK mainland addresses (exc. Highlands and Islands)* is charged at £180. 

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