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  • SOFT MATERIAL: Gentle on your treasured vinyl records
  • ANTI-STATIC: When records are played, static electricity is created which causes crackling and static noise, as well as attracting dust. The fine carbon fibres of Acc-Sees Pro Vinyl Anti-Static Slip mats discharge the record during play to keep your records sounding their best. The slip mats can be placed directly on the platter without the rubber mat. Once this is placed, the record will play without attracting dust particles and after play, the record will be discharged, and any particles can be brushed off easily
  • REMOVES DUST FROM YOUR VINYL RECORDS AND TURNTABLE: The Acc-Sees Anti-Static Slip mats are the ideal solution for removing dust particles from your vinyl records and turntable. Dust particles can be brushed off easily, preventing them from building up on your vinyl records. Dust and debris collect in the groves of vinyl records and even a little dust or static electricity can heavily impact sound quality
  • Pack of 2 Slip mats
  • A must have vinyl accessory for any vinyl record collector
  • ESSENTIAL: A must have vinyl accessory for any record collector or music enthusiastic

Acc-Sees Pro Vinyl - Helping Keep Vinyl Alive

Vinyl sales reach a 30-year high, and Acc-Sees range of vinyl care, cleaning products and accessories have been there every step of the way!

Consumers both young and old are embracing the physical format of music. Millennials don't just stream music anymore, they are increasingly falling in love with vinyl, and nearly half of all record buyers are now under the age of 25. Whilst streaming has encouraged music discovery, vinyl record sales continue to grow, fuelled by these fresh converts, vinyl collectors and events such as the hugely successful annual 'Record Store Day'.

There is a great sense of pride in music ownership and being able to hold your favourite album or the latest limited-edition release in your hands. For fans of vinyl, nothing beats an afternoon of flicking through countless racks in a record store and discovering a hidden gem.

Even Steve Jobs whose iTunes Store revolutionized the music industry for the digital era, "listened to vinyl at home", Neil Young revealed in 2012.

To maintain the warm sound of your analogue music, vinyl care is an absolute essential. This is where Acc-Sees comes in!


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