Blackstar LT Echo 10 Combo Guitar Amp

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  • 10W Practice Guitar Amp
  • 2 Channels – Clean + OD
  • Patented ISF
  • Digital ‘Tape’ Delay FX
  • MP3/Line In For Jamming Along/Listening To Music
  • Emulated Line Out For Silent Practice/Recording
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SKU 0845644003617
Brand Blackstar

Blackstar’s design philosophy has always been to deliver the ultimate playing experience for guitarists no matter what their ability or budget. The LT-ECHO 10 is a two channel practice amp targeted at guitarists who are just starting out, but want great tone.

The inclusion of ISF and a digital ‘tape’ delay means they will significantly outclass and outperform the competition. The LT-ECHO’s amazing tone, feel and features will inspire beginners to play and help generate the next generation of loyal Blackstar users!


Weight: 3KG

Dimensions: 216 x 252 x 142 (mm)