Michael Kelly Enlightened Classic 50 Guitar Amber

Michael Kelly Enlightened Classic 50 Guitar Amber

  • Enlightened Ultralight Treatment - including special wood, thinner design, etc.
  • Enlightened Port Weight Relief
  • Aluminium Bridge and Control Plate for added weight relief
  • Special Strap-Button Placement, for better balance
  • Modern C neck, what many would call medium to medium-thin and the shape is a really smooth and comfortable round shape. The thin profile makes it faster than the typical vintage neck, while the carefully contoured C-shape makes it comfortable for extended playing
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The Enlightened Classic 50 is a lightweight guitar with traditional tone and performance. As part of the Michael Kelly Enlightened collection, it features a number of design innovations all focused on delivering lightweight performance. This includes the use of a special tone wood on the body - red cedar. This lightweight and great-sounding wood has a customised body thickness and added small ports to further lighten the instrument while protecting tone. Aluminium instead of steel is used for the bridge and control plate to lighten things up further and to enhance tone.

The pickups have been custom-voiced to perfectly match the Enlightened treatment. These deliver a classic tone and, thanks to the Quad Mod electronics modification, you get 4 tone settings instead of the typical 3. At under 6 pounds, the Enlightened Classic 50 is a lightweight guitar, but with all of the other carefully considered design details, it is big on tone and performance.