Michael Kelly Custom Coll Element 4 Bass Guitar - Striped Ebony

Michael Kelly Custom Coll Element 4 Bass Guitar - Striped Ebony

  • Red Cedar Body
  • Rockfield® 4SW Pickups
  • Element Active Circuit
  • Unique Striped Ebony Top
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The Michael Kelly Custom Collection Element 4 bass was designed for players who prefer a modernized take on a classic. The basic body lines might look familiar, but the MK designers took liberties to enhance comfort and playability. You can select from three different top woods, each accented with black hardware. 

The impact of a bridge on the performance of a bass guitar is something that many often underestimate. In fact, the bridge is key to many aspects of tone and was given the full respect that it deserved. Using a solid molded bridge with tight slots for each fully-adjustable saddle, a big enhancement on its own. Then, it was took further. Below that bridge is an hidden aluminum tone block to add sustain and attack. Since it is aluminum, it does not add weight to the bass, but has a similar sonic impact to using a heavy bridge. Aptly named the MK Stealth Attack Bridge System.

The pickups, controls, and electronics are the next area where extensive testing and enhancements get a great result. The pickups were developed specifically for the MK Element bass line by Rockfield and they have an over-wound classic pickup sonic performance. Blended with the newly-developed Element Active Circuit that has been carefully tweaked to provide a modern sonic profile.