Siesta Extra Large Ghanaian Djembe

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  • Handcarved Ghanaian djembe
  • Fantastic deep bass tones and whip-crack highs
  • Thick goat skin with tough stringing
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Brand Siesta

These beautiful Ghanaian djembes are hand carved from solid, chunky wood for booming, loud bass tones and whip-crack highs.

This 13" head version features a thick goat skin head and tough stringing. Our Ghanaian djembes also feature fascinating and authentic hand carved decorative patterns.  As these djembes are hand made no two are identical.

These authentically African instruments are played with the bare hands and are capable of creating a large palette of percussive sounds, making it a very versatile instrument.

Djembes are great for expanding conga set ups or for adding interesting textures to percussion sections.