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Sixth studio album by the legendary Liverpudlian band, featuring the classic tracks 'Drive My Car', 'Norwegian Wood', 'Nowhere Man' and 'In My Life'. Often referred to as a folk rock album, 'Rubber Soul' was originally released in 1965 and incorporates a mix of pop, soul and folk musical styles. The title derives from the colloquialism 'plastic soul' and was the Beatles' way of acknowledging their lack of authenticity compared to the African-American soul artists they admired.


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  1. Drive My Car 2.30
  2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 2.05
  3. You Won't See Me 3.23
  4. Nowhere Man 2.44
  5. Think for Yourself 2.19
  6. The Word 2.44
  7. Michelle 2.42
  8. What Goes On 2.51
  9. Girl 2.34
  10. I'm Looking Through You 2.28
  11. In My Life 2.28
  12. Wait 2.17
  13. If I Needed Someone 2.24
  14. Run for Your Life 2.19

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