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  • Vivaldi: Clarae stellae, scintillate, RV625
  • Vivaldi: Concerto for Strings and Continuo in F major, RV141
  • Vivaldi: Concerto for strings in C major RV109
  • Vivaldi: Nisi Dominus (Psalm 126), RV608
  • Vivaldi: Salve Regina, RV 616
  • Vivaldi: Vestro Principi divino - Mottetto per contralto, archi e continuo RV 633 in F major


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Nisi Dominus Psalm 126, R.608

01. Scholl, Andreas "1. "Nisi Dominus" Allegro (Original Version)"

02. Vivaldi, Antonio "2. "Vanum est vobis" Largo (Original Version)"

03. Vivaldi, Antonio "3. "Surgite" Presto (Original Version)"

04. Vivaldi, Antonio "4. "Cum dederit" Andante (Original Version)"
05. Vivaldi, Antonio "5. "Sicut sagittae" Allegro (Original Version)"
06. Vivaldi, Antonio "6. "Beatus vir" Andante (Original Version)"
07. Vivaldi, Antonio "7. "Gloria Patri" Larghetto (Original Version)"
08. Vivaldi, Antonio "8. "Sicut erat in principio" Allegro (Original Version)"
09. Vivaldi, Antonio "9. "Amen" Allegro (Original Version)"

Concerto for Strings and Continuo in F, R.141

10. Scholl, Andreas "1. Allegro molto (Original Version)"
11. Vivaldi, Antonio "2. Andante molto (Original Version)"
12. Vivaldi, Antonio "2. Andante molto (Original Version)"

Clarae stellae, scintillate, in F major, RV625

13. Scholl, Andreas "1. Clarae stellae, scintilate Allegro (Original Version)"
14. Vivaldi, Antonio "2. Coeli repleti iam novo splendore Recitativo (Original Version)"
15. Vivaldi, Antonio "3. Nunc iubilare Allegro (Original Version)"
16. Vivaldi, Antonio "4. Alleluia Allegro (Original Version)"

Concerto in C major for Strings, RV109

17. Scholl, Andreas "1. Allegro (Original Version)"
18. Vivaldi, Antonio "2. Adagio (Original Version)"
19. Vivaldi, Antonio "3. Allegro molto (Original Version)"

Vestro Principi divino, in F major, RV633

20. Scholl, Andreas "1. Vestro Principi divino Allegro (Original Version)"
21. Vivaldi, Antonio "2. O felix culpa Recitativo (Original Version)"
22. Vivaldi, Antonio "3. Quid loqueris ad cor Presto (Original Version)"
23. Vivaldi, Antonio "4. Alleluia Presto (Original Version)"

Salve Regina, R.616 Antiphona

24. Scholl, Andreas "1. "Salve Regina" Andante (Original Version)"
25. Vivaldi, Antonio "2. "Ad te clamamus" Allegro (Original Version)"
26. Vivaldi, Antonio "3. "Ad te suspiramus" Larghetto (Original Version)"
27. Vivaldi, Antonio "4. "Eja ergo" Allegro (Original Version)"
28. Vivaldi, Antonio "5. "Et Jesum" Andante molto (Original Version)"
29. Vivaldi, Antonio "6. "O clemens" Andante (Original Version)"

- A.scholl-countertenor

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