Yamaha FS-TA Vintage Tint Folk Guitar

Yamaha FS-TA Vintage Tint Folk Guitar

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Brand Yamaha

This is a brand-new guitar but has been on display in store. As such it may not ship in its original packaging but is in good general condition with no cosmetic or electric problems. Please see photos of the individual guitar on offer.

The TransAcoustic FS-TA features a high-spec System 70 preamp, joined with an SRT Piezo pickup. These go above and beyond your typical electro acoustic electronics, as the piezo pickup can produce chorus and reverb effects by transmitting the string vibrations into an actuator on the guitar's back panel. This is then tranferred through the guitar body and the air around it, creating genuine reverb and chorus effects inside the guitar and amplifying it naturally.

The amount of these effects can be controlled using two knobs, of which have been ergonomically designed into the body. This is so that there are less holes drilled into the wood, meaning that the instrument can retain more resonance and volume. The third control can engage the actuator or bypass it entirely, if you prefer an unaffected sound. When plugged into an amplifier, this control serves as a volume control instead.   

  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Tuning Machines: Sealed Die Cast
  • Pickguard: Transparent
  • Electronics: SYSTEM70 TransAcoustic + SRT Piezzo Pickup
  • Controls: Reverb/ Chorus/ TA Switch/ Line Out Vol