Aulos 205A Descant Robin Recorder

Aulos 205A Descant Robin Recorder

  • Brown and white descant recorder
  • Universally approved by schools and teachers
  • Easy to play
  • Comes with mustard-coloured carrying case
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Brand Aulos

The Aulos 205 Descant Recorder (sometimes referred to as a Soprano) is popular with schools, seen to be ideal for lessons, practice and live performance whilst remaining easy to play.

This three piece soprano recorder is available in a stylish dark brown finish with an ivory coloured mouthpiece, ring and foot.

Recognised in schools for its affordable price, the Aulos is also known for its ability to produce a warm,distinct sound, which is popular with beginners. The 205 is recommended by teachers because of its excellent response with a full, strong sound across the whole note register.

Also this recorder includes an detachble thumb rest as well as a cleaning rod and fingering chart, helping you learn to play the recorder.