Casio CT-S1 Portable Keyboard in White

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  • A stylish keyboard with AiX sound technology
  • Project your powerful bass sounds with the new Bass Reflex speakers
  • Get experimenting with 61 fun voices, including new samples of vintage instruments
  • Enjoy even more options with USB connectivity and the option to add a Bluetooth dongle


Our piano department says:

"This really is a great 61 key keyboard.  It has a touch that feels significantly better than many other keyboards at this price point.  The instrument's primary purpose is as a lightweight piano; it's not cluttered up with backing rhythms or any kind of screen.  It does however have 61 really useable sounds as well as the potentiial for Bluetooth audio and MIDI connection.  We are great fans of this instrument".




Intuitive to use with a sleek design

You'll love using this uncluttered keyboard. With no need for a screen, the control board of the Casio CT-S1 is clean, simple, and minimalist. This streamlined design is chic and stylish in a way you wouldn't usually expect from a keyboard at this price point. Design features like the speaker cloth and the felt in the keys set it apart and give it a sophisticated appearance.

You'll be able to use this organised keyboard naturally. There will be no confusion with the most commonly used sounds accessible with just the touch of a button. Then, if you want to use one of the larger range of sounds, the CT-S1 is cleverly designed so the buttons for the different voices are in the keys themselves. If you just press tone variation then one of the keys, you can use any of the 61 available sounds. Other effects are made simple with handy shortcuts. There's a lot packed into this sleek, lightweight keyboard.

Advanced sound technology

Create an impressive sound. Casio's new AiX sound source has been redesigned from top to bottom to create the best keyboard sound that modern technology can produce. With high-performance DSP effects and master EQ, it produces sounds with greater clarity and expression than previously found in a portable keyboard. Added to this are the new Bass Reflex speakers, to deliver a powerful bass sound that will project your sound with strength. The sound itself is rich and surrounding, thanks to 64 note polyphony to let all your notes ring out true. Vary your sound with touch sensitive keys, which you can adapt with three different touch response levels. This will replicate the way that an acoustic piano's dynamics are altered by how strongly you press on the keys. Add expression to your performance.

Fun voices and digital effects

Playing digital comes with all sorts of fun options and effects. This keyboard has 61 quality sounds available, some of which are unique to the CT-S1. You get to go a bit retro with some of these voices, with new samples of vintage instruments, like the Casio CZ-101 and VL-tone. There's plenty of choice to mix up your playing, as you can switch between a honky-tonk piano, synth sounds, a cathedral organ, and a guitar sound amongst many more. Then, you can alter the effect of these voices with 24 types of reverb to change the acoustics of your piano voices. With the option to transpose easily, you can access a range of notes.

New musical possibilities with connectivity

Using your smart devices with your keyboard has become a great addition for the modern musician. The CT-S1 portable keyboard caters for this with a USB microsocket in the back to easily connect to a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Also, with the option to connect a Bluetooth dongle (not included), your keyboard can become a Bluetooth speaker. Playing along with backing tracks you have composed has never been simpler. This would also make your keyboard a Bluetooth MIDI device, so you could easily connect to music learning apps like Chordana Play to support your with your musical progress.

Chordana Play app

Casio understands that technology plays a large part in education, and learning to play the piano is no exception! Now, when you use the WU-BT10 Bluetooth dongle (sold separately) you can connect your smartphone or tablet to your keyboard to unlock a wealth of educational features. You can choose between the 50 included songs on the Chordana Play app, or you can even add your own MIDI files. Chordana will automatically generate a music score from the file, and even detects chords, making it easier than ever to learn the piano.

You can easily select which tracks to play with your right and left hands, or you can assign your right hand to play the melody and your left hand to play the chords. Change the tempo, transpose to an easier key, or even use the AB repeat function to master small parts of the song which you're struggling with. You can even take lessons using the on-screen keyboard and track your progress using a scoring system! 


More Information
Product CodeCTS1 WE
Number of Keys61
Keyboard FeaturesPortable, Touch Sensitive, Built in Speakers

  • Keyboard
    • Number of keys: 61
    • Touch response: 3 sensitivity levels, off
    • Tuning: A4 = 415.5 Hz 440.0 Hz 465.9 Hz
    • Polyphony: 64 note
  • Voices
    • Sound source: AiX technology
    • Tones: 61
    • Advanced tones: 10
    • Classic tones: 12
  • Effects
    • Reverb: 24 types (+ Preset for each tone)
    • Chorus: Yes (Preset for each tone)
    • Delay: Yes (Preset for each tone)
    • DSP: Yes (Preset for each tone)
    • Master EQ: 10 EQ presets
  • Other functions
    • Volume-Sync EQ: Yes
    • Surround: Yes
    • Metronome: Yes
    • Demo songs: 1 + 10 (piano demo)
    • Transpose: Yes
  • Connectivity
    • MIDI Recorder: Yes, one song
    • Available APP: Chordana Play
    • Bluetooth MIDI & Audio Adaptor: Yes (sold separately)
    • General MIDI: Yes GM Level 1 standard
    • Terminals:
      • PHONES/OUTPUT: Stero mini
      • Pedal: Standard
      • Audio in: Stereo mini
      • USB to host: Micro B
      • USB to device: Yes *for WU-BT10 only
  • Strap pin: Yes
  • Speakers: (13cm x 6cm) x 2, with horizontal Bass Reflex
  • Amplifiers: 2.5W + 2.5W
  • Power
    • Power supply: DC 9.5V
    • AC Adapter: AD-E95100L
    • Battery: AA type x 6 (sold separately) - with a lifespan of approx. 3 hours
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 930 mm
    • Depth: 258 mm
    • Height: 83 mm
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Colour: White
  • Included accessories: Music stand, AC adaptor, strap locks


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