Black Friday Faith
We have a limited number of Faith acoustic guitars with slightly stained woods (from the new gigbags during production). There is no damage whatsoever to the actual instrument, it is merely superficial and we have priced accordingly. We have opened and inspected every single instrument and can happily supply images upon request.

The Naked series is Faith’s introduction to its acoustic guitar offering and delivers exceptional value for a fraction of the price typical on such high spec and quality instruments. In keeping with all its other series, Faith have managed to use 100% solid wood in the build process. However, by stripping back all of the non-essential dressing and cosmetics used on their standard and high gloss ranges, the production costs on the Naked series are vastly reduced, all without compromising the overall tone or playability of the guitars. In fact, being satin finished all over, the tonewood is almost entirely unrestricted in its resonant movement, so the acoustics delivered are far beyond what you would expect considering the price!

As head Faith guitar designer and world-renowned British luthier, Patrick James Eggle explains:

“Each Naked instrument is uncomplicated and unadorned with unnecessary cosmetics, and as such they fall within the reach of musicians of every level. Each instrument uses high quality, solid tonewoods, with a simple satin finish that lets the guitar breathe and move with no restriction.

The result is an incredibly responsive guitar that longs to be played and will happily show the battle scars of every musical encounter”.