Ashbury AB-25T Tenor Banjo,Openback, Maple Rim

Ashbury AB-25T Tenor Banjo,Openback, Maple Rim

  • Openback tenor banjo with 19 frets.
  • Solid maple fingerboard, neck and rim.
  • Rooled brass tone ring gives an authentic banjo tone.
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Brand Ashbury

The Ashbury AB-25T is a 19 fret openback tenor banjo constructed with a solid maple neck, rim and fingerboard. Because of the solid wood, the tone is a real step up from starter instruments and this is further enhanced by the inclusion of a rolled brass tone ring which sits behind the skin and helps to create that unique banjo tone. Geared machine heads allow excellent tuning stability and the 18 tension brackets around the skin allow for an even tension and greater precision when adjusting the skin. This is a great intermediate banjo which offers a huge step up from the more basic models available. 

Strings: Supplied with guage 12 strings, tuned to CGDA

About Ashbury instruments:

Ashbury has been constructing and distributing quality folk instruments since 1996. They have a variety of factories in both Vietnam and Indonesia as well as China. The brand works with the long established luthier Phil Davidson to design and create each model which is tested and checked to produce an instrument that is both easy to play and provides a high quality sound. Their range covers all folk fretted instruments such as banjo, mandolin and bouzouki from beginner to professional level. Their handmade instruments, constructed in Vietnam, are created from the finest grade woods and made to exacting standards to produce some of the finest folk instruments in the market today.


Top nut width: 30mm
Scale length: 576mm
Width at 12th fret: 38mm
Rim depth: 63mm
Rim width: 279mm
Overall length: 825mm:
Made in: China
Model No: AB-25T