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Powerful 9v adaptor Optimised for use with effect pedals & effect boards Integrated 'noise eliminator' circuit for crystal clear sound
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Brand Stagg

Stagg's PSU-SV1AR-UK is a powerful 9V adaptor designed for optimal compatibility with almost every brand of effect pedals, including the most popular and other reversed 9V adaptor powered accessories.

Multiple pedals can be powered with one single adaptor. Up to 8 effect pedals could be powered simultaneously by means of multiple line-out power distribution cable(s).

A compact design and ultra lightweight thanks to stabilised, switching mode C-MOS technology. Features high quality electronics, optimised and stabilised output, short circuit and overload protection. Also features an integrated 'Noise Eliminator' circuit, which cuts buzz and hum to obtain an undisturbed signal transfer for a crystal clear sound!

With high efficiency, low energy consumption and linear power supply - will adapt automatically to any input voltage between 100V and 240V AC (+/-10%). Ideal for use when travelling, touring etc. The adaptor has a durable 1.5m (59") length power cord with reinforced cord connection.

  • Power supply: Linear (automatic adaptation to any input voltage between 100
  • V and 240 V AC (+/- 10 %))
  • Output voltage: 9 V, stabilized
  • Output current: 1 A
  • Polarity: Reverse
  • Cable: 1.5 m (59"), reinforced connector
  • Design: Compact and ultra lightweight
  • Compatibility: Popular brands of effects pedals and effects pedal boards, 9-volt adapter-powered accessories and Stagg SPS-DC5 multi-cable (to power up to 8 effects pedals simultaneously)
  • Special features: C-MOS technology, noise eliminator circuit and overload protection

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